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What I Can Help You With?

Front End Web Development

I can update and optimize your existing website, or build you one from the ground up based on your specifications using custom HTML, CSS, React.js and JavaScript.

Wordpress & Bootstrap Customization

I can fully customize your Wordpress or Bootstrap theme to create a responsive and attractive website that fits your specific business needs.

Product + Branding Photography

With ten years of experience as a professional photographer, I can provide professional, billboard worthy product and branding photos to enhance your site even further.


Check out my latest projects

MERN Project using Firebase, Bootstrap, HTML and CSS

Web Dev Cheat Sheets

This team collaboration was completed in three weeks as part of the University of Denver Full Stack Bootcamp. It is a one stop resource for searching for and saving web development language and framework cheat sheets, including user authentication with Firebase.

Technologies: React.js, MERN, Firebase, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS | Demo

JavaScipt game


This team collaboration application serves as an online marketplace for women mountain bikers based out of Colorado. It allows users to post or buy gear, to view upcoming events and provides information on other female riders in the industry.

Technologies: UI Kit, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Express.js, Node.js. | Demo

Front end web development page built to spec

Landing Page Example

This is a landing page I built from spec using one of Frontend Mentor's front end web developer challenges. I was provided example images and copy only and then built this responsive, visually appealing website using custom HTML and CSS.

Technologies: HTML, CSS. | Demo

customized wordpress theme

Rayna McGinnis Photography

A fully responsive Wordpress template customized for a wedding photography business including custom CSS.

Technologies: Wordpress, CSS | Demo

customized wordpress website

Hound Dog Studios

A simple and responsive Wordpress template customized for portrait photography using CSS

Technologies: Wordpress, CSS | Demo

customized html form

Custom Form Example

A clean, fully responsive, customized contact form that uses Bootstrap, HTML and CSS.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap | Demo

Adventure advisors using css, html, bootstrap, materialize, ajax and jquery

Adventure Advisors

This is a group project that incorporated the Weather API and Google API. This website provides current traffic and weather for any destination and assists with planning a roadtrip.

Technologies: jQuery, JavaScript, Firebase, Bootstrap, AJAX, CSS and HTML. | Demo

Clicky cats game using React, Javascript, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS

Clicky Cats

This React.js application is a memory game that keeps track of how many photos you can click once, without clicking any duplicates.

Technologies: React.js, JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS. | Demo

About Rayna

I'm a full stack web developer based out of Boulder, Colorado. I built my first website back in 2002 using Geocities, then spent over a decade building a number of Wordpress websites. Now, a recent graduate of the University of Denver's Full Stack coding Bootcamp, I am enjoying the complexities and challenges that come with both front end and back end web development.

In addition to my technical background, I also have ten years of experience as a professional photographer and four years of experience as a freelance SEO specialist.

Skills include: Wordpress, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Firebase, Heroku, React.js, MERN, Photoshop, Lightroom, Git, Github and Search Engine Optimization

When I'm not geeking out on a tech project, I also enjoy rock climbing, traveling, yoga, spoiling my dogs and drinking red wine around a campfire.

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Contact Rayna

If you're interested in working with me, have some questions or just want to say hello, please reach out!

Email: raynamcginnis@gmail.com